I have a HomeLab that i am constantly working on. It started with just trying to cut the cord from cable, so I setup a Plex Server. Then I setup Sonarr, Radarr, Lidarr, Jackett, SABNZBD, and QBittorrent. I couldnt stop at that and I setup a 4-bay Synology with 4 x 8TB Drives.

Now i Have added a Unifi Video Camera server for Security cameras, SmartThings, Philips Hue for Lighting, PfSense, Organizr, InfluxDb, Grafana.

I ran out of space on the 1st Synology and have now acquired a 2nd one.

I have setup my Desktop computer to recongnize when i put a disc in the drive and it will determine what type it is. (DVD, BluRay, Audo) It will then Rip the Disc and compress it and upload it to my Plex Server.

We have successfully cut the cord on cable. We still pay for Cable internet, and Netflix. but I cant get rid of those.

I am going to attempt to tear apart my setup and publish some documentation on how to set it up.